Boys Lacrosse team won their 8th banner in a row. It didn’t look good for them to continue the streak but with 5 mins left in the 3 rd period they went on a scoring streak with 5 goals,  to defeat a strong CPA team 9-7. At the 5:29 mark Campbell Pickard passed it to Luke staples who scored, bringing the West with in one goal of a tied game. Unfortunately CPA came back with some brilliant offense of their own, Devan Collard bumped up the lead by 2 goals making it 7-5 CPA.  Nineteen seconds later with hard work and great passing from Luke Staples and Ryan Swinamer, Campbell Pickard cut the lead to 1. The West seemed to have come to life with that goal, with Luke Staples scored a quick one from Alex Campbell and Campbell Pickard at the the 1:27 mark to tie the game. The fans on both sides were now getting a game. The tension and excitement were unbelievable, both sides were on their feet, who was going to step up and make the difference. With 27 seconds left Luke Staples scores again, pass coming from Adain Walsh, the rink erupted, the west was fans cheering so loud it was hard to hear the ref signalling for the draw (face off). The west now leading 8-7 all they have to do is gain possession of the ball and run down the clock. The whistle goes the draw is taken a battle for the lose ball, 17 seconds left Campbell Pickard adds the empty netter game over West wins in dramatic fashion 9-7.

Boys Lacrosse 8th in a row, Girls 3rd in a row