Tuesday April 9th

4-5pm B1 West  vs Mill 0

5-6pm B2 Lock 0 vs Aub 8

6-7pm B3 Cit 10 vs PA 5

7-8pm B4 CPA 11 vs JL 2

8-9pm Girls west 13 vs Island View (IV) 0

9-10pm G Cit 3 vs Mill 7


Wednesday April 10th

4-5pm B7 West 3 vs Aub 7

5-6pm B8 Cit 2 vs CPA 11

6-7pm B5 Mill 4 vs Lock 3 (double over time)

7-8pm B6 PA 5 vs JL 4

8-9pm Girls CPA 9  vs Lock 2

9-10pm Girls West 7 vs Dart 3


Thursday April 11th

4-5pm B9 Cit 11 vs Mill 0

5-6pm B10 PA 5 vs West 6 (over time)

6-7pm B11 Aub 4 vs CPA 5

7-8pm Girls Cit 11 vs PA 0

8-9pm Girls CPA 11 vs Lock 1

9-10pm B12 West 7  vs Cit 10


Friday April 12th

4-5pm Girls Dart vs IV

5-6pm Girls PA vs Mill

6-7pm Girls CPA vs Lock

7-8pm Aub vs Cit

8-9pm Girls semi 1st place vs 4th place (best 2nd in pools of 3) West vs Cit

9-10pm Girls semi 2nd place vs 3rd place CPA vs Mill

Tuesday April 16th

4-530pm Boys final B14 CPA vs Cit

530-7pm Girls final CPA vs Cit

7-830pm boys final if loser of game 14 was their first loss

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